Day Spa

Pamper your pet in luxury at our Day Spa.
Blueberry & Vanilla Facial ~ $10
This gentle, foaming facial cleans, soothes and balances. Our natural exfoliating action helps remove dirt and unsightly tear stains and stains around the  mouth. Gentle on the eyes. This fresh facial scrub will reveal
a softer, smoother and more radiant face. Join the Facial Club and your dog gets a Facial every visit, and every 4th one is always FREE!
Bubble Bath Pat Treatment & Beeswax Pad Conditioning ~ $5
Our Bubble Bath will treat your pet to this wonderful combination of Vanilla and Milk to revitalize the paws.  Surrounded by moisturizing bubbles enriched with vitamin enhanced conditioners to keep paws soft and less likely to crack. The Pad Conditioning is a
combination of Lanolin, Beeswax and Vitamin E massaged into your pets pads,
leaving a light coat of protection.
Spa Treatments
Additional Spa Services
I Love
Winter Park Pet Villa, I get my Ultimate Day every month!!!   Julie
The Villa Special ~ $13.99
~Blueberry & Vanilla Facial
~Beeswax Pad Moisterizing
~Tooth Brushing and Breath Freshener
Spa Packages
add one of these fantastic packages to your pet's groom
Pedi-Pedi Package ~ $11.99
~Bubble Bath Paw Treatment
~Beeswax Pad Moisterizing
~Tooth Brushing and Breath Freshener
The ULTIMATE DAY ~ $17.99
~Blueberry & Vanilla Facial
~Bubble Bath Paw Treatment
~Beeswax Pad Moisterizing
~Tooth Brushing and Breath Freshener
~Lavender & Sage Aromatherapy
NAIL CARE ~ $8/$12/$15
EAR & NAIL COMBO ~ $10/$14/$17

Ear & Nail care are included in ALL grooms.​

Dental Plan ~ 10.00 with groom

Our 3 step Dental Plan includes:

~ Tooth Brushing with Doggie Toothpaste

~ Enzymatic Spray to kill the bacteria that causes Gingivitis

~ Dental Spray for Fresh Breath

When you join our Dental Plan, your pet gets their teeth brushed with Every Groom, and EVERY 4th BRUSHING is FREE! Also, if the MONTHLY SPECIAL includes Dental, it will count towards your 4th for FREE!

*Although our technician will do a thorough job on your pets teeth, be aware that good oral hygiene needs constant attention. One visit will not heal or fix any existing oral problems.